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Let me say that I am not a super savvy computer wizard, BUT I am learning new things about it everyday! I "google" something almost everyday! I LOVE my family, not just my immediate, but my very large extended family as well! I enjoy traveling with my husband Stacey and our BiBlue Sheltie Seamus (pronounced Shaym Us) with The Abi-one! The Abi-one is our Outback 29RLS camper or with Runabout Rhonda our 1986 pickup slide-in truck camper. We don't get to go alot, but we go when we can, and are grateful for any time we get. I named this blog "This Month with Ember" , but I will try to post more frequently. I have alot going on in my life. Besides Stacey and Seamus, I have a grown son, Frank and 3 business', Ember's Garden, LLC, Mum Fosters Kitchen, and Photo North. I also substitute teach in 5 towns, and am a member of the Champlain Islands Farmers Market which is where I sell Mum Fosters Kitchen products, and my Photo North photographs. I am the 12 of 13 children, so good luck learning all my siblings, nieces and nephews, and great nieces and nephews names as well!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Well only a few more days and it'll be Easter Sunday. We are going up to Dad's for the noontime dinner, and then over to Stacey's Mom's for the afternoon. I found her a cute set of square bowls, with apple blossoms and bluebirds on them, and a few Godiva chocolates for good measure!! Now I need a card, and I'm golden! My sister Maria is making a cheesecake, and I'm bringing up a jar of my Mum Foster's Kitchen Blueberry pie filling, and as well as a jar of MFK's Peach pie filling!! So the rest of the family can choose their favorite! I'll probably bring a jar of applesauce too since we're having Ham for the meat portion, of the meal.

At the last winter market I found (and ordered but they won't be ready until after Easter) the coolest Easter Eggs ever!! They are hand-knit by Julia right here i
n the islands and just adorable!! This little duckling folds right into a striped egg, and back out into the little duckling! The ducks head, is the filling for the egg, and the egg becomes the ducklings body! Very cool!! When the duckling is in the egg, the egg is really about the size of a real jumbo size egg. I'm so thrilled with this find!!
Well guess I'd better get onto other things! I hope you all enjoy your Easter or the holiday that you are currently celebrating!

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